I have been writing lyrics for awhile now, and I finally want people to see them! Please check them out! I like to write lyrics that are different, so I hope everyone likes them!

Friday, December 2, 2011


I don't know what is up with all the talk
everyone knows I can walk that walk
but when the plan hit the wall
and I want revenge, staring at you at the end of the hall
but still you think you can play ball
and I will still walk tall
nobody can do it like I can
even though I'm not your biggest fan
I'll still make my music
and I'll continue to fuse it
hip-hop and pop
Hip-Pop Hip-Pop

maybe if feels unusual
or maybe it's just the usual
I'll write my lyrics
the way I want to
I'll lay down my beats
the way everyone picks them up
I'll sing and rap with all my soul
tell me how you all are out there
so I can get out of here
don't tie me down to one genre
I need to brach out broaded my horizons
if you got a problem call me through verizon
I'll be more than just hip-hop or pop
I'll be Hip-Pop Hip-Pop

just let me do this last rap
then we will call it a wrap
tell me what to do you deserve a slap
really I don't give a crap
when I wake up in the morning
things will be far from boring
just let me take a shower
I'll be ready within the hour
I'm ready to hit the stage
and make far from minimum wage
just let me sing my heart out
then we will talk about
how I combine hip-hop and pop
because I'm the king of Hip-Pop

I want to take it over the top
and I don't never want to stop
please let me confess my love
for this song
I had it in my heart
had to release it let it out
at night just let me sleep
during the day please talk to me
I'm tired of all the haters
I will find the lovers
you all act like this is taboo
but I'm not going to undo
my hip-hop and pop
I will keep my Hip-Pop
Hip-Pop Hip-Pop

I combined many things here! Two genres and my two writing styles. This was inspired by the Queen Of Hip-Pop Namie Amuro who has a new single in a few days! I hope you all like this shake up!

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