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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dream Lantern

Dream Lantern
1. Dream Lantern

Dream Lantern
(verse 1)
ah, did you see that star shooting across the sky?
I almost missed it, but I caught the reflection from your eye
tomorrow you've got to catch your flight to your so called home
but your heart sits right here next to me
underneath this starry sky
we made a promise sealed with a kiss
these city lights, we're going to miss
I will

oh ah
lanterns light up the way from my mind
to your golden heart
now I'm think how it will be
when I'm missing you
and you're wanting me
our dream is to someday be together
when I find a job
and you're done with school
complete with a boring life
but we'll finally settle
we'll finally settle

colors thrown across the landscape
the feeling of being on a cloud is endless
from everyday we will make a great escape
no more feeling hopeless
make a wish on the dream lantern
I'm sending it from me to you
I saw your deepest desires
when I looked into your eyes at that time
someday we'll never want to leave
because we'll have it all
(end chorus)

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