I have been writing lyrics for awhile now, and I finally want people to see them! Please check them out! I like to write lyrics that are different, so I hope everyone likes them!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!/New Years Anthem

1. Merry Christmas!
2. New Years Anthem

Merry Christmas!
Merry merry merry
and a ho ho ho
Santa visited last night
it's time to see what he brought
I swear I heard reindeer on
the roof last night but I didn't want
to look Santa would have left!

Merry Christmas! to all the brothers and sisters
to moms and dads grandparents
aunts and the uncles
may you have a pleasant day
with joy and peace
I hope there are
tons of laughs and fun
drink an egg nog for me!
and make sure to leave
no present unwrapped

I wanted a white christmas
and it looks like I didn't get one
oh well there's always next year
and it comes quicker all the time
it's time to watch all
the christmas specials!
for Charlie Brown and Snoopy
to you'll shoot your eye out
with a Red Rider bb gun
then I'll eat and play with my stuff!

Merry Christmas! To everyone
may your Christmas be blessed
with a lot of holiday cheer
spend time with the family
and just kick back
and enjoy the cold
send a quick text to
your friends and wish them
a very Merry Christmas!
for the final time
merry merry Merry Christmas!

New Years Anthem
It's time to say goodbye
to another year
but hey just think about all
the adventures you will
have this up and coming year
this may be the year
you buy a fancy car
or get your first kiss

New Years Anthem
are you ready?
sayonara old year
hello new year
kiss when the ball drops
wait till 12 o' clock AM
just think about it
a fresh new start!
New Years Anthem

It's sad to see this year leave
there will never be another one
like it but a new year
means new adventures
new times to laugh'
new resolutions that
probably won't be kept
but hey, it's fun to dream

New Years Anthem
it's a new new year
time to begin again
another year of surprises
another year to have
a birthday and get
a little older
another year that will
be full of love and fun
I wish you the best
New Years Anthem

I actually held back Merry Christmas! for this single. Just think of it as a bonus track for Christmas Moon! I also had the idea of New Years Anthem to go along with it. So, this has been in a few months of planning! Hope you like the new songs!

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