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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

BEST Hip-Pop

1. Hip-Pop (Extended Version)
2. Space Of Hip-Pop
3. Hip-Pop King

Hip-Pop (Extended Version)
I don't know what is up with all the talk
everyone knows I can walk that walk
but when the plan hit the wall
and I want revenge, staring at you at the end of the hall
but still you think you can play ball
and I will still walk tall
nobody can do it like I can
even though I'm not your biggest fan
I'll still make my music
and I'll continue to fuse it
hip-hop and pop
Hip-Pop Hip-Pop

maybe if feels unusual
or maybe it's just the usual
I'll write my lyrics
the way I want to
I'll lay down my beats
the way everyone picks them up
I'll sing and rap with all my soul
tell me how you all are out there
so I can get out of here
don't tie me down to one genre
I need to brach out broaded my horizons
if you got a problem call me through verizon
I'll be more than just hip-hop or pop
I'll be Hip-Pop Hip-Pop

just let me do this last rap
then we will call it a wrap
tell me what to do you deserve a slap
really I don't give a crap
when I wake up in the morning
things will be far from boring
just let me take a shower
I'll be ready within the hour
I'm ready to hit the stage
and make far from minimum wage
just let me sing my heart out
then we will talk about
how I combine hip-hop and pop
because I'm the king of Hip-Pop

I want to take it over the top
and I don't never want to stop
please let me confess my love
for this song
I had it in my heart
had to release it let it out
at night just let me sleep
during the day please talk to me
I'm tired of all the haters
I will find the lovers
you all act like this is taboo
but I'm not going to undo
my hip-hop and pop
I will keep my Hip-Pop
Hip-Pop Hip-Pop

looks like I'm back for more
this song was short too much of a bore
how about you show me around town
shoe me the places to get down
let me go to the club to bust my rhyme
this doesn't happen all the time
we will do this at night
but it isn't close yet the sun is still in sight
right now during the day let me prep my lyrics
later I will let you hear it
until then let's go eat
go on ahead and save me a seat
I just need to write down this last line
then I will come to dine
the line goes like hip-hop and pop
let's combine it to Hip-Pop

in the dark of the night
I won't look for a fight
just don't make fun of my music
or the king of the two genres
will banish you from his
club forever ha ha ha
I may have been mean in the past
but the future comes fast now
I am as nice as can be
sure you can come hear
me rap and sing
it could be fun you
never can tell
tell me what you
think about my creation
that is Hip-Pop

Space Of Hip-Pop
out of the solar system
listen to my wisdom
welcome to space
but that ain't the case
can you hear the planet's music
listen to how they use it
look at all the stars
I have brought you far
welcome to the Space Of Hip-Pop

here we are floating by galaxies
look at all the suns
while I gaze at the planets
E.T.'s can make their
own beats and rythms
here in the Space Of Hip-Pop
this is the final
musical terrain for humans
the sound goes on tour
let it into your heart
listen to they lyrics and melodies
we are in the Space Of Hip-Pop

you would be surprised if you looked around
it's not as techno as it sounds
oh look there is a alien
don't poke my brain in
they took me on a ride in their flying saucer
because I am the hip-pop master
I can't wait to be back on Earth
so I can be back on my kingdom turf

in the Space Of Hip-Pop
I am the king of hip-pop
because I can combine hip-hop
and pop successfully
all of those green people
are just mad
but they can get over it
because I don't really care
because in the Space Of Hip-Pop
I am the king of hip-pop

over here is the hip-hop
and over there is the pop
smash them together
and what have you got
the result is a hot
genre of course
you can try to keep it on course
but I bet you can't

Space Of Space Of Hip-Pop
while dancing do a hip drop
if you want to dance along
if you want to sing along
it doesn't matter to me
just glad you like my space talk
in the Space Of Hip-Pop

Hip-Pop King
up first is hip-hop
after that is pop
welcome to the castle of hip-pop
here lives the Hip-Pop King
or so it says on his bling
he can rap and sing
the king combined two types of music
and he can use it
the Hip-Pop King
the Hip-Pop King
what can't he do
he is the one that can rule
any club or dancefloor
he will leave the people wanting more
sing and rap sing and rap
he put his kingdom on the map
with the combo of hip-hop
and pop
Hip-Pop King
Hip-Pop King

now here is the pop
right after the hip-hop
the other half that make hip-pop
people should know better
than to challenge the king
at his own game
nobody can be the Hip-Pop King
at a round of Hip-Pop
how foolish of you
to think that you could
he can make a rhyme anytime
and his vocals are sublime
the Hip-Pop King
the Hip-Pop King
everyone loves him
and especially his music
this is his legacy

Once again this was inspired by the Queen Of Hip-Pop Namie Amuro! I decided that the original Hip-Pop wasn't long enough so I made the extended version and then the other 2 songs just happend lol.

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