I have been writing lyrics for awhile now, and I finally want people to see them! Please check them out! I like to write lyrics that are different, so I hope everyone likes them!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

So Long Days

So Long Days

I say goodbye to the days
that I say goodbye
I'm tired of running away
I'm tired of all the byes
I just want to see my
loved ones all the time

So Long Days that I say goodbye
hello days where I can stay
and be loved
by the people that I love
So Long Days so I can live
peacefully without a problem
That's all I want
that is all I dream
So Long Days

Now that all the byes are done
I can put up my feet
get a little R&R
without my worries
what a life
and it's my life

So Long Days that I had
to say good bye too
I'm so happy
that I can stay in one place
I feel the love
So Long Days
that I can't do what I want
I'm happy doing what's best
I love ways just the way they are
free and clean the way to go
So Long Days

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