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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Simple/On Your Own Time

1. Simple
2. On Your Own Time

maybe things are too basic
for you but just right
for my taste I'm fine here
if you have to leave, leave

maybe things are too plain
for your taste but for mine
life is just fine Simple
I like regular average everyday
It is the way I want to live
for the rest of my days Simple

for your taste you will have 
to travel far I do not 
have it here things
are not too extravagant

if things are too plain
you can just leave
I'm not changing a thing
things are finally going the
way I want them too
and nothing can stop them from being Simple

I like things as Simple as they are
things are just basic enough
for me plain jane
Simple and clean is
the way to be for me

                                                                     On Your Own Time
I'm on my time now
I don't have to follow
anyone else's rules
my own clock
my own watch
don't tell me otherwise

For now I'm just me
On Your Own Time
do what you have to do
but for right now
I'm doing what I want to do
and that is being me
and I hope it last forever and always

my part of the clock
your part of the clock
two very different times
our times zones
are etched on the grandfather clock
don't come on my time

For now I'm being me
On Your Own Time
you be you
that's all I can ask of you
and nothing else
as far as I'm concerned
we practically never see each other

with my hands
I won't turn back time
to where we decided to do this
with your hands
you can try
try try all you want you can't do it

For me I just want to do what I want to
On Your Own Time
do what you got to do
when you got to do it
are you getting tired yet
you'll never be able to change
a thing On Your Own Time

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