I have been writing lyrics for awhile now, and I finally want people to see them! Please check them out! I like to write lyrics that are different, so I hope everyone likes them!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


A enevelope in her shakey hands
on the back is a heart stamp
do not act so surprised
accept it with a smile
if its love go for it
if its not let her down easy

a LOVE LETTER from the heart
think of the butterflies in her stomach
all of her pure heart was placed in it
treat it with care show her you care
this is just a blossom
its up to you to see if it will bloom
give it a good thought
but don't keep her waiting
she is about to have a heart attack
her act showed a lot of courage
a LOVE LETTER from the heart

a piece of paper in a locker
what is this?
a silent read
then a slight blush
flattery you knew it could happen
a heart is stamped on the back

a LOVE LETTER from the heart
how brave how courageous
such a beautiful display
prettier than caligraphy
you can practically feel the
warmth from just this piece of paper
you can practically see the smile
on her bright face
a LOVE LETTER from the heart

hurry time is ticking
don't keep those ladies waiting
tell them how you really feel
hold her hand
or walk away
a joyous heart
a broken heart
love the confusing two way street
the LOVE LETTER was from the heart

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