I have been writing lyrics for awhile now, and I finally want people to see them! Please check them out! I like to write lyrics that are different, so I hope everyone likes them!

Monday, November 14, 2011

For You

I've found another style to write songs so I'm going to write them both ways now. Here's the first in this poemish style! Hope you like it!

For You the sky is the limit
the clouds rain down unlimited opportunities
do with your dreams what you like
they are no longer wishes but reality
it is such a blessing to see someone
who really deserves something
get it and cry tears of joy

For You should rest easy
your worries are over now
and the sky is clear
sleep without a tear
and remember what happend
here today and never let it escape
remember the taste of the momement
the sweet taste that last an eternity
was all For You today
a holy reminder

such a simple yet extravagant thing
to see a dream come true
it is all For You
for today was your day my dear
hold it close keep it near

the taste of the sugarery sweet
almost makes me want to weep
but out of joy of course
the feeling of a warm light
and it appears as if you were
on top of the world
and it was all For You

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