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Friday, October 21, 2011

Goodbye Happiness

Goodbye Happiness
(aahhh aahhaa hhaaahhaha)
I'm leaving what I love best
My smile is fading
it's going off into the distance
sadness sets in
oh goodness depression
so goodbye lonliness
I'm going to hang out with my friends 
let them cheer me up
and laugh at jokes that's whats sup
so goodbye innocence
I've done too many bad things
help me cancel them out
So Goodbye Happiness
forever and ever
i just put on a fake happy face
please somebody love me love me
(end chorus)
hello depression
how are you
I'm terrible
that's just horrible
please go away
and comeback another day
I need someone to slap my face
and get me out of here fast
I need to forget the past
It's already done and over
so goodbye innocence
I've dont too many bad things 
Help me cancel them out
So Goodbye Happiness
forever and ever
I just put on a fake happy face
Please somebody love me love me
(end chorus)
sometimes I feel so alone
even though I'm not 
I'm amazed by all the friends I got
Maybe I forget sometimes
But they will help me out anytime
thank you everyone
so goodbye lonliness
I'm going to love my best friends
God help them keep me in control
and live laugh and love
so goodbye innocence
they are with me now 
and no one can tear us apart
it's a true story
a real love story of friends
So Goodbye Happiness
but not for long 
I have my real happy face on
I know they will love me love me

This song samples and got it's title from Utada Hikaru's Goodbye Happiness 

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